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The VOICE Programme has given me invaluable support. Learning about the psychology of trauma helps me to connect to my own experiences and process my emotions.

VOICE has shown me I am not alone anymore. Learning about trauma responses and giving them a name, such as intrusive thoughts and dissociation has shown me that I suffer from normal affects from abuse and not just crazy. Now I feel I can use the tools taught through VOICE to start my healing journey.

VOICE has created more in-depth knowledge that gets beyond the fundamentals. Looking at yourself, more holistically, with strategies to use long term and the added bonus of support from others.

The VOICE programme with the support of others in the group feels like therapy. It has enabled me to recognise the symptoms and effects of trauma, enabling me to recognise in myself the areas that I need some support with. The community makes it feel for the first time as if you are not suffering alone, that others understand and together we can help each other heal and move on with our lives.

The programme has given me in depth information on recognising trauma responses and how they manifest in daily life and focuses on a holistic approach to treating these which is sustainable long term.

VOICE so far has already been invaluable on my journey of self-healing after years of suffering domestic abuse. It enlightens survivors to understand what they have endured and process how it has affected them on so many levels. It also empowers them to finally move towards a safer future.

The VOICE programme so far has been really good. It goes on a deeper level than other programmes. Learning about the psychology of trauma is really helpful. I also like how we end each session with the positive affirmations and self-care ideas. In addition, it’s been a great support to me.

VOICE has taught me it wasn’t my fault. I don’t have to keep blaming myself for my actions. I have started setting myself weekly tasks/goals, working on self-care and learning to let go of what I can’t control’. It has been invaluable.

This course has helped me immensely, I am more aware of toxic behaviours.  I am mindful and much more confident.  I have built self-worth and value of myself.  I have needed this support for years and OWLS and The Voice have provided a strong support network and I would highly recommend.

VOICE has lifted me to a place where I can start to heal and feel like I am worthwhile.  I honestly believe that The VOICE Programme is sooooo beneficial to all.

The programme has helped me to say no when the ex-calls. It has helped me realise the extent of the abuse and it was not just physical but coercive as well.

This course is a real eye opener and I highly recommend it to anyone that has gone through abuse. Really enjoyed the family court section and found it really helpful as I am currently going through the whole court thing and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PARENTAL ALIENATION as he claims that is what I am doing.

This course is a real eye opener, It makes you understand the abuse and what they do to and how that affects us and how it still affects us on a daily basis.

 Incredible programme, an inspiration to women struggling.

You can feel that the VOICE, has been written by people that have lived it.  I have found it intense, very healing and very educational.  I have found the VOICE more helpful than other programmes, because they really understand and guide you with selfcare tips and grounding techniques to guide you through life so you can heal and cope better.

Helped me understand things. Gave me peace in my mind again. Believe in myself again.   This course is really informative and although it does bring things up from the past, it also gives you the tools to fix and help yourself.

The VOICE programme was great. The content is relevant to everyone’s situation. Covers a wide range of dynamics, which is representative of abuse. whilst being specific and detailed.

The VOICE programme is fantastic as it was created by people who have experienced domestic violence and trauma, which is why this course is superior to others that I have done. The grounding resources are so helpful.

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