Week 1  Introductions: Introduction to the Controller, introducing the concept of grounding resources and self-care.

Week 2 Understanding Trauma: The impact of traumatic experience and the introduction of Mind/Body connection

Week 3 The Charmer: Recognising coercion, love bombing & stalking & grounding resources

Week 4 The Bully: Exploring the many behaviours of the bully, the specific psychological and physiological impacts & helpful grounding resources

Week 5 The Abusive Parent: In situ & post separation, exploring DARVO, court process, parental alienation & the impact on parenting

Week 6 The Mindmixer: Examining gaslighting, emotional & psychological dismantling of victim & supporting self-regulation

Week 7 Trauma & Traumatic Triggers: Explores emotions, feelings, the brain the stress response and unconscious triggers

Week 8 The Taker: Exploring coercion, consent, tech & social media, the emotional & physiological response to sexually abusive behaviour & grounding resources

Week 9 The Homewrecker: Exploring domestic & economic abuse both in situ & post separation, grounding resources & self-care

Week 10 The Keeper: Develop insights both in situ & post separation on isolation & loss of liberty, the impact of digital tech, emotional impact, reclaiming a sense of hope and oneself

Week 11 Boundaries:  Exploring boundaries, what they do, how they help you and how to create them

Week 12 Moving On: Exploring change, aspirations, goals, qualities, strengths & hope for the future.

For further information email cathy@thevoiceprogramme.co.uk


Facilitator training is for practitioners who work with people who have experienced all forms of domestic and sexual violence, intimate partner abuse and coercive control. The programme content can be applied both in the capacity of groups or in a 1:1 capacity.


Practitioners come from a range of statutory and voluntary agencies including domestic abuse services, WA refuges/outreach, housing associations, health, CYP services, counselling, SARCs, IDVA services.


The VOICE Programme is for any victim or survivor of domestic abuse, in-situ, post separation or historical, regardless of their gender, sex, sexuality, race, faith, culture of practice, disability or any other identifiable difference.


The VOICE Programme was originally conceived by Cathy Press, Clare Walker and Rachel Williams.

Each putting decades of personal and professional knowledge and experience to good use!

As a response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the elements on trauma and the therapeutic approach of the programme from both group participants and practitioners delivering the programme, it was decided that these aspects of the programme would be further developed by Cathy Press.

Heartfelt thanks to both Clare and Rachel for all their early contributions.

The VOICE Programme would never have happened without you!

Founder of Escape the Trap www.escapethetrap.co.uk 

and awarenessmatters.org.uk,

Cathy is a survivor of both teenage and adult relationship abuse.

Cathy is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor specialising in domestic and sexual violence and trauma. Cathy has been delivering domestic abuse training for many years, has developed a programme on intimate partner abuse for young people – Escape the Trap, is also a trainer in the Who’s in Charge? Programme for parents whose children are violent towards them, 


and launched her first book on intimate partner abuse for young people When Love Bites in April 2022: cathypress.co.uk/when-love-bites



Cathy Press has over 25 yrs experience working as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, registered as MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Cathy has specialised within the arena of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, trauma, abuse, child to parent violence and abuse, attachment and adoption related issues with children, young people and adults. 

Having been a trainer in domestic abuse related issues over 20 years, Cathy continues to run workshops and trainings to practitioners across the UK and internationally, including the Escape the Trap Programme, the Who’s in Charge? Programme and more recently the VOICE Programme. 

Combining therapeutic practice, running psycho-educational programmes and her extensive knowledge base in relationship abuse dynamics, Cathy developed Escape the Trap to support young people who are at risk and vulnerable to early intimate relationship abuse, grooming and CSE.  It was in response to the rising numbers of young people affected and their need for understanding as well as an opportunity to process how their experiences have impacted them.

For 20 years Cathy was Chair of the charity, Compassion, sat for many years on the CPS Scrutiny Panel for domestic abuse cases and has won awards for innovative work in the arena of domestic abuse.

For many years Cathy worked as Clinical Lead/Manager of therapeutic services for specialist domestic abuse agencies and continues to provide clinical supervision to several domestic and sexual violence organisations.

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